Why high-performance tires? Robertson Tire of Tulsa and Michelin

High-performance cars need high-performance tires.

The main benefits of performance tires are higher speed capability, improved handling and maximum dry road grip *. The downside is lower tread life.

Be aware that not all performance tires are the same, which is why many high-performance car owners own multiple sets of tires. They often switch to all-season or winter tires in the fall and winter for improved winter grip.

Passenger Car / Minivan Tires: Some tire manufacturers call tires rated S or T "performance" tires, but they are performance by look only. Not feel or grip. Passenger Car / Minivan tires offer good handling and comfort, but they aren't designed to enhance handling, which is what most performance drivers want. 

Performance Touring Tires: Tires rated H and V are typically considered "performance touring." Some manufacturers state that their performance touring tires can be used in all seasons, so be sure to ask your local tire retailer for more information. 

Ultra-High Performance Sport Tires: Tires rated W, Y and Z, with an aspect ratio of less than 55. Typically designed for larger wheels (16" and above), these tires are made to enhance the handling of the vehicle.

* Exceeding the lawful speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed


Source: Robertson Tire and Michelin

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