Oversteering and understeering - Robertson Tire of Tulsa and Michelin

These terms may be a bit technical, but bear with us.

It's easy and important. When you take turns in both wet and dry conditions (but especially wet), you can easily lose control by oversteering or understeering.

Learn what these problems are and how to beat them by watching the video found on our Driving Tips section of michelinman.com.

Note - A "cool" form of oversteering is called drifting. It's a technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, but maintains control around a corner at high speeds. Drifting competitions are held around the world.

Lawyer's Note - Michelin does not condone drifting—unless under the supervision of a professional and within a safe, controlled, professional course or environment.



Source: Robertson Tire and Michelin

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