Jackie Cooper Imports: The latest Infiniti innovation integrates your smartphone with your car

Vehicle Details: Infiniti Technology Better suited today for the roads of tomorrow. The latest Infiniti innovation is InTouch, which integrates your smartphone with your automobile to open up a world of infotainment, keeping you connected even as you’re on the move. Infiniti InTouch is partnered with Infiniti Connection, a link between your vehicle and you via smartphone that enables personal security, convenience/concierge and remote services. Personal security services include Automatic Collision Notification and Alarm Notification. Automatic Collision Notification will alert the Infiniti Connection Response Center if your Infiniti has been in a collision severe enough to deploy the airbags, and Alarm Notification automatically lets you know if something has caused your Infiniti alarm to activate. Remote Door Lock/Unlock is great if you lock your keys in your Infiniti or can't recall if you've locked it at all. Integration with Google Calendar, Scheduled Maintenance Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance and the ability to report a stolen vehicle easily are other functions of Infiniti Connection.

Infiniti Connection is available in select 2014 Infiniti vehicles. A one-year complimentary subscription is included, and the service can be expanded with even more functionality if you choose Infiniti Connection Plus. Infiniti Connection Plus adds the Infiniti Personal Assistant, a 24-hour team of live personal assistants available to you at the push of a button. It also includes the ability to send destinations to the vehicle, Destination Assistance, Connected Search, Drive Zone Alert, Max Speed Alert and Valet Alert. The Infiniti Personal Assistant is also available separately, and all new Infiniti vehicles come with four-years of unlimited access. Destination Assistance connects you with the Response Center to get directions, which can then be downloaded to the navigation system in your Infiniti. With Destination Send-to-Vehicle functionality, you can find desired points of interest in the database at the Infiniti Connection website and then send that information to your Infiniti’s navigation system.

Google Maps integration is also possible via Google “Send to Car” functionality. Drive Zone Alert gives you the ability to set up a virtual perimeter boundary for your vehicle via the Infiniti Connection website. You can use this function to keep tabs on where your vehicle is when it’s in the hands of authorized users, and the system will alert you if the vehicle travels outside of the boundaries you set. Valet Alert is a special Drive Zone function that sets a 0.2 mile radius immediately around the current location of the car, and it will notify you if the vehicle travels outside of that radius. Another way you can keep an eye on your vehicle, even when you can’t see it, is Max Speed Alert, which will monitor vehicle speed and alert you if your Infiniti exceeds that speed within a monitoring period you select.

With Infiniti InTouch Apps (available soon), you’ll be able to cleanly integrate your favorite apps – like Pandora, Facebook, Google and more – directly within the infotainment touch-screen in your Infiniti vehicle. A four-year complimentary subscription is included with every appropriately-equipped Infiniti model, and because the system works with your smartphone, it boasts the ability to easily expand its app compatibility as technology advances. Built into the system are apps that monitor driving performance, set custom maintenance reminders, and more. Coming soon will be the ability to connect to web-based email services, have the system read messages back to you and synchronize your calendar, too. Of course, InTouch only covers the technology you’re likely to interface with most regularly, but Infiniti packs its vehicles with other leading-edge features, too. Safety is a high priority for Infiniti, and that’s why it has created industry-leading systems like the first Backup Collision Intervention system, which scans directly to the rear as well as to the sides of the vehicle when reversing. This capability can detect hazards and potential collisions that a driver may miss, and it has the ability to momentarily apply the vehicle’s brakes to alert the driver to danger. In the same vein, Blind Spot Intervention® scans the hard-to-see areas on the sides of the vehicle and will light an indicator in the sail panel of either door if a vehicle is detected via the system’s radar sensors. Because it’s a Blind Spot Intervention system, not just detection, you have extra protection in the form of the vehicle’s ability to selectively apply the brakes to avoid danger. Other systems available in Infiniti vehicles make use of sensors, too.

Forward Collision Warning with Intelligent Brake Assist monitors your closing speed on traffic ahead and can apply the brakes to mitigate an impact, while Intelligent Cruise Control uses forward-looking radar to manage the speed of the vehicle

and maintain a consistent following distance. Infiniti has harnessed technology to make its vehicles safer, easier to drive and better integrated with up-to-the-minute connectivity, and also to improve their performance. Systems like Intelligent All-Wheel Drive put the power to the ground efficiently in all conditions and enhance performance by using all four wheels to propel the car through tight maneuvers. Vehicle Dynamic Control and Traction Control help you maintain your intended path by monitoring the vehicle’s steering angle and yaw rate and taking corrective action when needed using the vehicle’s antilock braking hardware and reducing engine output to mitigate wheel spin. Full-size Infiniti SUVs bring sporty, disciplined responses to the fore. The QX80 is large and luxurious, but it drives smaller thanks to Hydraulic Body Motion Control, which keeps body lean to a minimum and helps provide a smooth ride. In many full-size SUVs, drivers are forced to choose between disciplined handling behavior and a smooth ride as an either/or proposition, but not in an Infiniti. Infiniti knows no bounds when it comes to smartly harnessing technology to build vehicles that are better performers, better connected and better suited for what tomorrow brings on the road. This article is presented by Jackie Cooper Imports in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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