Jackie Cooper Imports in Tulsa: Environmentally Friendly Car Maintenance

Environmentally friendly car maintenance go beyond MPGs with these green maintenance tips
Fuel efficiency gets all the love when it comes to eco-friendly vehicle ownership—and getting high miles per gallon is certainly important—but there are a number of other ways to reduce your car's impact on the environment. Making sure your fluids are recycled whenever they are changed, using environmentally-friendly fluids as replacements, recycling worn out auto parts and cleaning your vehicle without harmful chemicals all have a positive environmental impact.
Recycle Oil and Antifreeze
Every oil change is an opportunity to recycle used oil, and the same goes for antifreeze. Your local dealership and its automotive technicians are well-trained in all aspects of fluid recycling, but don't be afraid to ask about the procedures that matter most to you.
Use Green Fluids
Options keep popping up for engine oil and other fluids recycled from previously used oils, and they are just as effective as traditional fluids. Ask your dealer's service department about recycled products the next time you stop in for maintenance.
Recycle Worn Out Auto Parts
The metal and plastics found in broken or worn out parts can also be recycled for use in other products, vehicular and otherwise. That way, they stay out of landfills. Don't hesitate to ask about any issues that may concern you.
Use Green Car Washing Methods
If you're the type to wash your car in the driveway, then you may as well make it a green car wash. Products like Simple Green's Biodegradable and Concentrated Car Wash product, Gliptone's Wash N Glow, and others, are effective and economical. Better yet, stop by the dealership and ask about the detailing and other services and products available to help your car look its best and run as well as possible.
Adopting these measures on your own is significant, because as more people make environmentally-friendly car maintenance a habit, the impacts become greater and continue to grow.
Stop by the service department today – ask about the ways we help the environment, and let us know about the issues that concern you.
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