Wes Cole: Top three fitness truths I've learned

TULSA - Having a plan and strategy to lose weight and get fit is the first step to reaching your goals, but according to fitness expert Wes Cole there are some great ideas that just don't work out in reality.

Home workouts - I know there might be people out there that say, "hey I workout at home and I'm in great shape," but if you are one of those who can consistently stick to home workouts you are statistically a rarity.  The millions of home gym, exercise bikes and treadmill stuffed in closets or in garages covered in dust is proof.  Home based workouts rarely work, and if they do you're probably already fit.

Liquid diet - They're as old as time.  They do work but unfortunately don't teach you how to eat properly.

The ultimate fitness routine - Like I've said, I've lived through a lot of changes in the fitness industry, from the jogging craze, the body-building era and Jazzercise or Tae Bo.  I've heard a lot of people tell me a lot of different things as to what they think is the ultimate form of exercise.  The reality is there is none.  My first coach once told me that the best exercise is what your not doing.  People have to understand that the real ultimate workout is the change.  If you plan on working out a few times a week for the rest of your life, I encourage you to open your mind and try something new, even if your not very good at it.  I guarantee you it will give you a much more complete fitness experience.


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I know you've heard this before but how many reps should I do of all my weight exercises?



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