Wes Cole: Top mistakes in the gym

Hitting the gym regularly is often considered the fastest way to achieve your goals, but what happens when you still aren't seeing results?  Fitness expert Wes Cole discusses the top three most common gym mistakes.


Not working legs - There is a saying when it comes to strength coaches:  If you're not squatting, if you're not working your legs, you're not working out.

Your diet doesn't match your fitness goals - Research is clear, how you eat will primarily dictate how you'll end up looking. If you're doing tons of cardio and trying to lose weight and still are willy-nilly with your calories, studies show little will happen. On the other end, for all the guys out there wanting to build muscle and get bigger, you need food to get bigger and build muscle.

lack of intensity -  If you go to the gym and do a set of 12 of lunges with a weight you could have done twenty with, you are wasting your time. If you can do cardio while reading a magazine or book, you're spinning your wheels. Remember a basic law of exercise physiology is overload. You must push you're body to a point where it's a little uncomfortable and stay there a while. Start with just thirty minutes in the gym but give it your all.


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Is it safe to exercise with a headache?



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