Wes Cole: The athletic body

TULSA - If you are gearing up to watch the Olympics next weekend, fitness expert Wes Cole tells us what watching the Olympics can teach us.

Sprinters body - Without a doubt, 100 to 200 meter sprinters often have some of the most impressive physiques.  How do they do it, and how you can mimic it?

Female Gymnast - Prove just how strong women can get.  It should be empowering. Most women have no idea how strong they can get and short change themselves in the gym.

Speed walking - It's like watching paint dry, but oftentimes it's televised and worth watching just to see how lean competitive walkers are.  Multiple studies monitoring Amish communities showed that walking is an incredibly powerful tool in preventing weight gain in communities that eat high calorie diets.

Weightlifting - Competition involves just two lifts, the snatch and the clean and jerk.  But, notice how flexible they are.  In fact in terms of mobility competitive Olympic lifters are second only to gymnast for flexibility.  Try a single arm dumbbell snatch grip for flexibility and strength.

To see the exercise demonstrations, click on the video attached to this story. If you're reading this on your phone or tablet, exit this story and go to the video section.

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