Wes Cole: Smart Fitness Program

TULSA - Even though many people have the disciple to get to the gym, they often don't know what to do once they get there. Fitness expert Wes Cole has some simple tips to help guide you with your workout.


Have a plan - This means a goal.  Scientifically the body isn't very good at achieving a lot of fitness goals at once, so pick one.

Have a Journal - Don't write down your feeling,s but write down your progression.

Hire a trainer -  Find a certified trainer in you're area.  Even one or two sessions can go a long way.  If you can't afford one, you might want to ask that buff guy or gal at the gym.  It's been my experience that oftentimes people who have achieved that level of fitness are proud of it and love to share what they know.

Manage your ego -  Statistically, weight lifting is one of the safest sports activities, but injuries happen and many are related to ego.  Remember what your goal is:  To be a champion lifter, or to look better and feel better.  For most of us who have no plans on competing, remember the weights or how much you lift is just a tool, not the aim.  It's just a way to use gravity to put strain on your muscles.  So who cares whether it's 200 pounds or 20.


Questions from viewers:

Can I change the shape of my muscles?



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