Wes Cole: New Years Fitness Questions

Do I lift weights before or after doing cardio?

Wes Cole says this often depends on your goals and current fitness condition. Even though it is common to recommend weight training before cardio, if fat-loss is your goal doing cardio before isn't a deal breaker. Cole says, it has been his experience that oftentimes doing weight training first for a beginner makes your legs unstable on the treadmill. If your new consider cardio first and just a few strength exercises to allow your body to get used to volume.


How many reps should I do when I'm weight training?

In the beginning, Cole says working with lightweights in the neighborhood of 12-15 reps will build general endurance and allow you to practice good technique. This is often called adaptation phase. Essentially this cycle is getting you in shape to get you in shape.  Cole says it's important to remember that even though lower rep ranges might recruit more muscle fibers and lead to more strength, beginners do not have the proper technique or efficient neural recruitment to lift heavy loads or even moderate loads yet.


What's the simplest way to workout?

Remembering angles. For example, Cole says is you want a full upper body workout remember vertical press, vertical pull, horizontal press, horizontal pull. Finish off with a rotational exercise and you've efficiently worked your entire upper body.

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