Wes Cole: Getting swimsuit ready

TULSA - While many might think it's a little late to get swimsuit season ready, fitness expert Wes Cole has some great exercises that'll have you finishing the summer season off right.

Arms and Shoulder - Without a doubt the arms and shoulders the most noticeable part of the body.

Calves - This is another very noticeable body part.

Watch your salt - If you're going to the lake and you want to look your best, watch your salt intake.  Oftentimes what we think is extra weight is bloat from the typically high sodium American diet.

Watch your carbs - I'm not usually a big fan of low carbohydrate diets, but if you want to appear your leanest limit all flour based carbohydrates and starches for a week.  Carbohydrates help your body hold onto water.


Question from viewers:

How much water should I really drink?


For the answers to this question and to see the exercise demonstrations, click on the video attached to this story. If you're reading this on your phone or tablet, exit this story and go to the video section.



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