Wes Cole: Viewer's fitness questions

TULSA - KJRH fitness expert Wes Cole is here with the answers to your fitness questions that have been piling up during the Olympics.


I do a lot of abdominal exercises but my core still feels weak when I play sports like tennis and golf. What can I do?



I'm hoping to do better this year in football. I want to be more explosive down the field. Are squats the best?



 What's a good quality Protein? What do you recommend?



For the last month I have been working out on a treadmill and trying to cut my calories to lose weight but have noticed that I actually gained a pound.  Could this be because muscle weighs more than fat?




For the answers to these questions, click on the video attached to this story. If you're reading this on your phone or tablet, exit this story and go to the video section.

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