Wes Cole: The four biggest weight-loss program mistakes

TULSA - With just weeks away until the beginning of the year millions of Americans are preparing to shed those holiday pounds, yet despite well intentions many will not meet their goals. 

Fitness expert Wes Cole goes over some common pitfalls.

No Cardio - Wes talks about cardiovascular training and why it is so important.

No Weight-training - Many believe weights will bulk you but remember cardio, despite its benefits, does little to build muscle.

High-intensity style training - these boot-camp style programs where people puke all over the floor is obviously not a good option for a beginner.

No diet - Despite the numerous studies proving otherwise, many still believe they can offset a bad diet with excessive exercise.  Ironically the only people who could realistically use exercise only as weight-loss are people who are already very lean and in super shape.  Remember, the average under-conditioned person will only burn around three hundred to four hundred calories in a session, maybe less.  There are over 200 calories in one snickers bar.  The math just doesn’t add up right.

Question from viewer:

What is the best diet to start with? I heard liquid diets are the best.



For the answers to this question and to see the exercise demonstrations, click on the video attached to this story.

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