Wes Cole: Staying healthy for the holidays

TULSA - Even though the holidays bring a lot of excitement, for many that’s not all it brings.  Fitness expert Wes Cole, has some great tips to keep the infamous holiday weight from creeping up.

Watch out for leftover’s - This is the real reason behind holiday weight gain.  It’s an accumulative effect that usually begins with Halloween candy that sticks around well into Christmas.

Sign up at a gym - This is a great time of year to do so.  This is a notoriously slow time for gyms.  Oftentimes getting discount rates or booking that popular trainer at your gym is no problem.  Do this and you’ll be ahead of the rush after the New Year.

Weigh yourself - It’s odd that some will say throw out the scale, but statistics tell another story.  Multiple studies prove that those who weight often tend to maintain a healthier weight.

Relax and enjoy - Here’s something that I’ll make you breath easy.  The average American holiday weight gain is a little over a pound.  That’s it. The bad news is that those that gain a pound or two often don’t take it off.  Six or so pounds every couple of years starts to add up if you’re in your forties and have been gaining since your early thirties.


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