Wes Cole: Great Fitness gift ideas

TULSA - With the shopping season upon us, many are battling the crowds this weekend to find that perfect gift.  What if that perfect person is a fitness nut? 

Fitness expert Wes Cole has some ideas help you shop for the active people in your lives.

Shoes - If you need a gift for a runner, a gift certificate for shoes is a great idea.

Dumbbells - Although they are not the cheapest gift, they will last a lifetime and beyond.

Personal training - Fitness instruction is great, but think outside the box.  There are all types of trainers that specialize in different disciplines of fitness.

Fitness books - Knowledge is power for the fitness geek.

Question from viewer:

I’m traveling a lot this season. What are some great hotel exercises?


For the answers to the question, click on the video attached to this story. 

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