Choose 2 Lose with Taft Price: Health Assessment with Wes Cole to get started

TULSA - Now that the holidays are over, many people will start looking at ways to shed some pounds.

2NEWS Meteorologist Taft Price is one of those people.

He has started his own weight-loss journey and has an eight-week plan as his guide.

The plan is called Choose 2 Lose, with a focus on exercise and improving his nutrition.

Taft started with a health assessment from 2NEWS Weekend Fitness Expert Wes Cole.

They began with a weigh-in, a little cardio and then onto the iron to test Taft's strength.

Each Sunday night during 2NEWS at 10, Taft will update his progress. And, you can follow along here on as well.

Then you can come back on Monday nights and chat with Taft during The Biggest Loser starting at 7 p.m.

Finally, don't forget to follow Taft on Twitter and like him on Facebook. He'll be looking for your ideas and encouragement along the way.



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