Three-legged Oklahoma alpaca, Cornucopia, gets prosthetic leg

GROVE, Okla. - We've all seen the movies.

The tear-inducing ones that end with a sympathetic animal getting put down.

But sometimes life is more favorable -- and stranger -- than fiction.

Years ago, one of Kathleen Callan's prized alpacas stepped in a hole and broke its front left leg. The result was an amputation -- fateful news for a ranch animal.

But Cornucopia, now 6, has all four legs at her disposal. The animal was released from Grand Orthotics LightWeight Artificial Limbs & Braces in Grove, Okla. Thursday morning, able to walk, run and behave like any alpaca on a new prosthetic leg.

Grand Orthontics typically only treats people, but fortunately for Cornucopia, they were able to create a working alpaca limb. 

"Cornucopia is an inspiration to everyone facing a disability," Callan said.

This wasn't the first prosthetic the animal's been given. Shortly after the amputation, Cornucopia was fitted with a new limb.

But as the alpaca grew, the need for a new prosthetic limb was apparent. This time, however, the new leg should be just what the doctor ordered.

"Every time I take it off it looks clean and she seems very happy with it," said Staci Forshee, ranch manager. "She's not limping, she is running. She's doing everything an Alpaca is supposed to be doing."

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