The 3 basic functions of movement

TULSA - The 3 basic functions of movement:

Getting older has a way of making those once, simple task a little more difficult but it doesn't have to be if you can remember the three key exercises of mobility.


Knee specific - Knee specific exercises that involve squatting or bending of the knee are very important.  It simply is a necessity for basic function.

Chair squat - Try the chair squat.  Sit down all the way and come back up, simulating actually coming up from chair.

Lunge - Remember that in life squatting often involves an uneven distribution in weight, such as leaning down to pick up a child.  Try to include some basic lunges as well.

Overhead lifts - This is another crucial element in conditioning that few people train anymore.  Overhead movements are very practical and are another basic function.  Try the overhead deltoid press to best mimic the basic function.  If this is too painful, front and lateral raises can strengthen the deltoids as well.

Rotational - Moving and twisting, whether it is sports or just turning to back out of the drive way, is another basic function.  Core exercises that involve rotation, such as the abs twist or stick twist, can be a great way to keep the spine limber.

Keep up with these exercises and not only will you look better but you'll be able to continue doing the things in life that matter the most.


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