Put down those forks! A break down of the calorie count of 9 items on your Easter plate

CINCINNATI - Ham. Beans. Carrots. Cake.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Before you dive head first into that delicious Easter dinner, take a look at our breakdown of the calories sitting on that plate. Remember, the holidays don't have to undo all your hard fitness work. (On the flip side, they just might be your cheat days).

Hot Cross Buns - 160 calories per roll

Mashed Potatoes - 237 calories per cup

Canned Green Beans - 20 calories per half cup

Glazed Carrots - 94 calories per 102 grams

Ham - 67 calories per 1.94 ounces

Potato Salad - 358 calories per cup

Deviled Eggs - 64 calories per half an egg

Carrot Cake - 246 calories per 64 grams

Chocolate Bunny - 220 calories per one quarter of the bunny

Whatever you decide to do this holiday weekend, have a great Easter!

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