PAL kitten Lionel joins Dr. Joe Landers on 2NEWS Midday


"Hello? Is it me you're looking for?"  Well if you're looking for a ginger kitten you've found him.

Meet Lionel.  No, not Lionel Richie.  Lionel the 14-week-old kitten.  He's a super sweet orange tabby, very affectionate and VERY fast!

Lionel is available for adoption from Pet Adoption League.  Call 918-365-8725 or visit Pet Adoption League online.

During Lionel's TV debut Thursday, Dr. Joe Landers of Heritage Veterinary Hospital answered your pet questions.

Andy's concerned after his dog destroyed a package of paper towels and ate a good chunk of them.

Natalie's getting new furniture but she doesn't want to declaw her cat so she's interested in alternatives.

Cathy's senior Chihuahua loses more teeth during each cleaning and she wonders if she should switch to soft food.

Watch Dr. Joe's segment above for the answers.

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