In the Garden: Paul James goes coastal with tropical plants: varieties, hardiness, maintenance

TULSA -  Maybe you can't just catch a plane and fly to the tropics any time you want.

But, with tropical plants around your yard, you can have the next best thing...your own tropical paradise!  

Gardening expert Paul James, with Southwood Landscape and Garden Center , says that most tropical plants do well here in the summer months but most will not survive our cold winters!

Paul says the easiest way to keep tropicals is to pot them so they can be moved inside during the winter months.

He says that this type of plant is easy to care for in that it requires plenty of sunshine and needs to be watered frequently!

Paul also showed me a tropical plant that looks like a certain crustacean!

Click on the video, attached to this story, for these tips and more that Paul shared with me. 

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