Making special Thanksgiving memories after the turkey is eaten

TULSA - Once everyone is stuffed and the dishes are done, don't let everyone leave. 

It's a good time for family bonding. Of course, some are watching football together but after the games, what is there to do? Family time is so important, hopefully these ideas can create priceless memories and perhaps start a family tradition.

In order to make the big game even more exciting for the kids, pit them against each other in a football bingo game for prizes. Just print off these free ready-made football bingo game boards from Family Fun . The prizes don't have to be big. A little bag of candy or puzzle from a dollar store makes the win special.

Is it warm enough for outdoor activities? Burn off some of those Turkey Day calories.

Rent a bounce house for around $100 all of the kids (and grown-ups) in the neighborhood can gather. If you rent it all day, it can keep the kids and guests out of the kitchen while the food is being prepared.

For those who aren't watching football, how about a game of family flag or touch football? Rake leaves into a huge pile and jump into them. When was the last time you rolled down a hill?

Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Click here for a scavenger hunt sheet. Each individual or team can just check off items as they find them, or they can take photos of each item as proof. Small prizes can even be awarded to the winner(s).

Make family memories

A special way for children to get to know their grandparents is by interviewing them, asking them about their memories. Grandparent books for $10 to $15  with all of the questions and memory-starters already printed and spaces for answers and photos make priceless treasures for years to come. If the grandparent takes the book home, he or she can fill it out and return it as a precious Christmas present.

Enjoy family movies or get out the old photo albums and relive memories of the kids when they were younger or show the kids what it was like when you were a child.

Take those family photos while everyone is together. This is a great time to get the shot for your Christmas card. (see digital photo card story).

Kids love to make gingerbread houses. If it seems overwhelming to not only prepare the Thanksgiving meal but to also shop and cook a gingerbread house, just buy a pre-made kit. Two favorites are these candy and cookie kits that make five different shops and houses for around $10 or $15 .

If you would like the kids to make a gingerbread house that lasts for years, try houses built of foam. This kit comes with 12 houses for only $15.00.

Playing games is always fun. Funny board games that help different generations get to know each other are perfect. Try a game like " Would You Rather " with bizarre questions that get folks talking and laughing. Or simply start a fun game of charades.

Get out of the house and go to the local movie theater or bowling alley. Most movie theaters and bowling alleys stay open on Thanksgiving. If you can't decide on a movie, take a vote.

After the turkey has been eaten, some families love to start decorating for Christmas. Start a new tradition of everyone making a special ornament each year to hang on the tree. Get out the tree and the stockings and put away the pumpkins and fall leaves.

Most of all, enjoy each other.  The true blessing of the holidays is family.

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