Kid-friendly Thanksgiving recipes

The young guests at your Thanksgiving celebration will be so excited with these kid-friendly foods.

From pre-holiday recipes to appetizers, meal additions and desserts, these recipes are not only yummy but add pizzazz to your table.

School breakfast and lunch to get into the Thanksgiving spirit

Pumpkin pie pancakes – Each pancake looks like pumpkin pie but does not taste like it.

Turkey-shaped bologna sandwich - This cute turkey sandwich makes an ordinary school lunch fun.


Teeny turkey snacks – Make these as fun school lunch sandwiches or as appetizers to tide them over before the big meal.

Pumpkin turkey muffins – The kids will be excited to help decorate these healthy pumpkin muffins that are not made with turkey look like one.

To supplement the meal

Edible napkin rings -  made from refrigerated bread stick dough and sprinkled with fall-colored sugars

Fruit-and-cheese kabob turkey - doubles as a decorative centerpiece. It's so easy to create, the kids can help.

Baby food recipes - With these delicious Thanksgiving baby food recipes, your little one will be enjoying this special meal along with the rest of the family!

Turkey nuggets –  a healthy kid-friendly way to eat turkey. This is also a great way to cook up your leftover turkey.

Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry "Ice Cream" Mashed Potatoes – How can anyone resist eating healthy sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes that look like ice cream? One added suggestion:  make the chocolate potatoes even healthier by using vitamine-packed Ovaltine instead of chocolate mix.

Turkey rolls - Serve your favorite refrigerator rolls in the shape of a turkey.


Turkey cake pops - yummy and cute cake bites that look like our friend Tom.

Edible Indian corn – This sweet treat is similar to rice crispy treats with cereal and marshmallow but is made with puffed corn cereal and dried fruit rather than rice crispies.  Colorful fruit leather  "husks" make the Indian corn look festive.

Turkey cookies – This site has creative ways to make store-bought cookies more festive in addition to recipes for yummy homemade cookies.

Pilgrim hat cupcake cones – This decorative treat is fun for the kids to help make.  It will be hard for them to wait until dessert.

Tweens and teens alike feel special when served non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice served in fancy glasses.  Try Welch's sparkling white and red grape juice cocktail which comes in bottles that look like Mom and Dad's vino. 

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