Get organized to have a great 2011

Organization is the key to a more productive life. The better organized you are at year’s start, the more available and prepared you will be to make sure you’re focused in 2011.

Have you figured out what is at the top of your priority list yet? Do you have a clear calendar and a clear mind?

Here are a few tips to get you ahead of 2011. They involve thinking ahead for the holidays next year, a more organized living space, a fresh calendar and even a purge of your closet. Don’t let any of these things overwhelm you…I got your back.


Where are your holiday decorations stored? Holiday decorations should be somewhere that you don’t frequent often, as the holidays only come once a year. Use bins that are airtight so bugs, dust and dirt don’t find their way inside. Label each bin in a very visible place so there won’t be a need to move one bin to find another. When the holidays roll around next year, you will be prepared as you won’t have to rummage around to find your decorations. This will save a lot of time because your holiday items won’t need a clean from the previous year.

I am sure a lot of you have a pile of holiday cards that you are about to put into a bin. For those of you who like to keep the piles and piles of holiday cards that build up year after year we have a simple solution for you…SCAN THEM! If the card means enough to you, and you want to preserve it, then scanning the card will do just that. It will also decrease the amount of “attachments” you’re storing in your home. Let’s be real…how often do you really look at all those holiday cards? You’re far more likely to look at them in passing on your computer than to open a box filled with holiday cards from years before. When in doubt think digital! ( CLICK FOR RELATED ARTICLE )

Keeping gift lists from year to year (as a computer document) will also aid you in staying organized from New Year to New Year. We all make lists, and we all check them twice, so why not make your own life easier by having a master document each year? On your list keep the gifts you gave, who you gave them to and even include a list of people you sent holiday cards to. On the same document, you can also keep a list of who gave you gifts and who just sent you holiday cards. No one wants to be embarrassed by giving the same gift twice. Remembering what gifts you gave, bonuses you handed out and who took the time to think of you during the holidays will be much easier next year.


Now that the New Year has rolled in clear your calendar for all of the new possibilities coming your way. You don’t want to begin a new year with your old calendar containing all those old random notes. You want a clean, crisp and fresh slate for all of those new meetings and new opportunities. If you haven’t gone digital for your appointment keeping yet, DO IT NOW! We are all entitled to keep some kind of written note taking system, but the sooner you get involved in the digital revolution the sooner your life will be more efficient and effective. Whether you like it or not, digital is faster and easier to maintain from year to year.

January 2011 is Get Organized month! Go through your home and enjoy the process of purging things that are just taking up space. Personally, I think the best time to do this is right after the holidays OR the first few weeks of the year. We get so many gifts and things that we really don’t want or need. So, set aside a few hours for each room in your home and get some heavy duty trash bags to assist you. Start with everything around you, that is not in your closet. The ask yourself: Did you use these items this year? Are they items that you are actually going to use this coming year? Do I really need this? If you answer NO then grab the item and drop it in the bag. Once the bags are full bring them to a donation center of your choice. You will really feel great once you remove all of the “attachments” surrounding you in your life. Remember…the things that you surround yourself with should be things that inspire you, make you want to create, or allow you to access a better part of yourself.

We all want to start the New Year off fresh and feeling great. One of the first places we all start that feeling of greatness begins with our closet. Can you close your closet or are your clothes busting out of the doors? Either way, I bet there are items in your closet you haven’t worn in years! Are you really going to wear them again? It’s time for a New Year purge. But before your purge ask yourself these questions:

1- When was the last time I wore this?

2- When is the next time I am going to wear this?

3- Will I ever wear this again?

4- Does this fit me anymore?

Ask yourself these questions before you purge anything, and then decide whether

to keep it or donate. Be realistic with yourself and, most importantly, do this with a friend or partner as they will help you be honest with yourself. Ask your partner to be tough on you. If things don’t fit you anymore then they most likely won’t fit you again. If you seriously think you are going to lose some weight, and are holding onto specific pieces of clothing, then give yourself a deadline. By midyear, if your slimmer physique isn’t back the it’s time to donate those clothes.

Remember the New Year is for starting NEW! Clear out things in your life that are just taking up space. If you want new things in your life to affect you positively, then you must have room for them. Free up space in your home and discipline yourself to keep that space free. Only add new things to your space when you know that they are going to make your new year better.

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