Recipes for leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs; Pickled Eggs, Egg Salad, Deviled Eggs heavily searched

The Easter Egg hunt is done and you're left with all of those dyed, hard-boiled eggs.

What do you do with them now? Eat them!

According to Yahoo, there are three egg recipes that are spiking on the Internet.

Egg Salad is the third most popular search. It's up 12 percent.

Deviled Egg recipes is second at 64 percent higher than typically searched.

The number one egg recipe up 114 percent?

Pickled Eggs.

Looking through a few recipes online, we found that you don't need a lot of ingredients.

According to , all you need, besides the aforementioned hard-boiled eggs of course, are the following; boiled beats with their juice, sugar, vinegar and salt.

Happy Easter and put those eggs to use!



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