Nutritional information on the menu for fast food restaurants in Tulsa

TULSA - Whether it's working late, getting the kids to soccer practice or simply running errands, there's not a lot of time left in your day to prepare dinner for your family.

We recently compared the cost of eating at home to eating at a restaurant, and to no surprise, eating at home was less expensive.

But money isn't the only factor - time spent in the store and then preparing the meal are just as important. And time is sometimes harder to come by than money.

For many, going through a drive-through window at a fast-food restaurant is the best option. But not always the healthiest choice. So, we compiled a list of the nutritional information on the menus of 12 Tulsa area fast food restaurants to help you on-the-go types figure out what your options are when you're racing around all over town.

Click the name of the restaurant for a link to its items' nutritional information. If you're reading this story on your phone, copy and paste the link.

Arby's -

Burger King -

Jack in the Box -


Long John Silver's -

McDonald's -

Pizza Hut -

Subway -

Taco Bell -

Taco Bueno -

Wendy's -

Whataburger -

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