Friday National Deviled Egg Day

(CNN) -- Speak of the devil, November 2 is National Deviled Egg Day!

If you're in the South, you'd be hard-pressed to attend any celebration and NOT see a tray of deviled eggs being passed around. Despite being considered as Southern as biscuits and gravy, deviled eggs are actually European - Ancient Roman to be exact. To this day, variations of this egg dish are eaten across the continent in places like Sweden and Hungary.

The term "deviled" refers to the spices used in the preparation of the egg. To make deviled eggs, start with hard-boiled eggs, sliced lengthwise. The yolks are then scooped out, mashed with other ingredients like mustard, mayonnaise and spices before being spooned (or piped) back into the egg shells.

Nowadays, deviled eggs are often found on the menus of fancier establishments with additions like lobster or pork belly.

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