Bullying prevention videos

TULSA - Bullying is everywhere. It happens at your child's school. It happens on the playground. It happens at the mall.

According to recent reports, one in seven students in grades kindergarten through 12th is either a bully or has been a victim of bullying.

So how do you prevent it?

Below are some clips we found on YouTube that may give you and your child ideas on how to deal with bullying.

STEPUP! Bully Prevention Video: This video shows grade school students talking about bullying, what to do when confronted with a bully and what they'll do to help prevent bullying in their school.

Bullying at School: This is a simple text-only video that describes what you should do if you're being bullied, see someone being bullied or if you are a bully.

Bullying and What You Can Do About It: Video of recreated situations in which a boy is being bullied and the options he has to address his tormentors. The video was created by a Boy Scout troop in Massachusetts.

Cyber Bullying Prevention Tips: This video educates parents about how to identify and stop bullying among teens and children.



Bullying can happen to anyone. Quite a few of our employees here at Channel 2 have admitted to being victims of bullying when they were in school. 2News Problem Solver Michelle Lowry wrote about her experience as a child and how being bullied helped shape her into the mother, daughter, and person she is today. Here is an excerpt from her story:

" In elementary school a group of girls cornered me at the park. They circled around me; giggling at my fear. They started pulling my hair and two of them ripped my shirt off. One of them ran into the bathroom and put my shirt in the toilet. Completely humiliated and in tears I went into the bathroom, fished my shirt out of the toilet, rinsed it out as best I could and put it back on to wear the rest of the afternoon."

Read the rest of her story on KJRH.com or Like Michelle on Facebook where she posted a link.

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