4 Thanksgiving foods toxic to dogs

Tips to keep Fido happy this holiday season

It's that time of year when families gather for Thanksgiving, and, of course, the smaller, fuzzier members of the family are hungry for a piece of the action.

The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer and Pet World Insider Robert Semrow Breakdown which table scraps are fit for Fido, and which can be tough on his tummy.

Sweet potatoes and yams

Sweet potatoes and yams are very nutritious for your dogs and their systems really do benefit from it; however, don’t give them candied yams. The additives and preservatives in the dish are bad for their digestive system.

Green beans

Green beans good… green bean casserole bad. One of the biggest offenders in the casserole is onions. They can lead to anemia and other severe illnesses, problems with the liver.


Lean meat is not only delicious but good for your four-legged friend. Just make sure to take off the skin that has been rubbed in herbs and take out all the bones. Cooked bones can easily break and can be a choking or a laceration hazard for our pets.


Pure canned pumpkin can be a great treat for pooches, just stay away from the pie mix with all of its sugar and additives.

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