Notre Dame's 'Play Like a Champion' sign well known but tradition began at University of Oklahoma

So all of this talk about Notre Dame tradition is fine, but we have to clear something up right now.

Everybody knows about the famous PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY sign in the Notre Dame locker room.

This thing gets more TV air time than Law & Order reruns.

In South Bend, you can buy a replica of the sign, key chains, T-shirts, coffee mugs and just about everything else you can think of. All of it shouting with the slogan PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY.

Lou Holtz brought the sign to Notre Dame in the 1980s. He said he was inspired by an old picture of the Notre Dame locker room where there was a similar sign.

But as we Sooner State folks already know, OU was touching a "Play Like a Champion" sign back when Holtz was in grade school.

"The team then leaves the dressing room and starts on the field for the second half," said legendary coach Bud Wilkinson back in the 1950's. "We hope as they go out the ramp and into the stadium they will carefully read the sign above the door."

There ya go, "Play like a champion today." Notre Dame stole OU's sign!!!

You can see the original sign on display in Norman today. OU players still touch a replica of the original on game days at Owen Field.

For more on the series between the Sooners and the Irish go . There you will find videos from past games, photos, news and more about the 2013 matchup.


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