Brett's Weather Blog: Getting closer to Our first freeze


Our first freeze of the Autumn gets closer and closer with each passing day. Tulsa will come close Friday morning as temperatures may fall into the upper 20s in places such as Bartlesville, Nowata, Pawhuska and Vanita. Most of Green Country will likely see frost with temperatures Friday morning in the low to mid 30s except far southern sections of the 2 News viewing area.

After this weekend, we will warm up significantly on Monday. Check out the 500 millibar chart that I have posted below.  Remember 500 millibars is roughly half way up through the atmosphere or at about 25-thousand feet.

Mobile users can see Monday's chart here --

The winds aloft are flowing a little faster next week. At the same time at the surface, southerly winds should be bringing in some more humid air. We are going mid 70s for Monday and it could be warmer Tuesday. I have also drawn an "L" on the map. The "L" represents a potentially energetic storm that is forecast to form out west and drop into the Rockies.

Right now, the storm is just a piece of energy off the Pacific Coast, so it's way to early to know its exact impact. I have seen everything from a snowstorm in the Rockies to a Severe Weather Outbreak. Again, any specifics this far out is just throwing darts. So, lets wait a couple of days and see what happens.

Then why do I bring it up? Because it could bring us some substantial rain and perhaps a few severe thunderstorms. We seriously need the rain as we are about six inches below average for the year.

So in the meantime, go look in your garage for something to cover your mums and other plants you want to have around a little longer this Fall. We might not get our first freeze Friday morning but we know its coming sooner than later.


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