Blake Bell named starting quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners after injury to Trevor Knight

WICHITA, Kansas - We may never know the reason why Trevor Knight was named starter over Blake Bell when the OU season began.

Throughout the spring and summer, Sooner coaches said it was a close race, but many expected the more experienced Blake Bell, operator of the "Belldozer" the previous two seasons, to be the heir-apparent to the graduated Landry Jones.

It didn't quite turn out that way.

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"It was heartbreaking. It was heartbreaking for him. I get emotional talking about it, just because he's worked so hard his whole life," said Blake's mom Sherry. "Blake's one of those if you get him on the field he's - I'm not supposed to use the word gamer - but that I mean you know Blake's one of those kids if you get him on the field he's going to do whatever it takes to win."

His dad Mark was a teammate of Steve Largent's with the Seattle Seahawks, and he knows about the ups and downs that go along with playing football.

"Blake was so broken and it was gut wrenching for us when he wasn't named and so I told Blake 'This is gonna be fuel to the fire for you. You gotta go out there more now than ever and prove and show what you got every day you cannot let up now,'" said Mark. "So I just tell him all the time you're one play away. And it's literally one play away and it happened."

Blake got his chance in game three after Knight was injured in the previous contest, and he took full advantage of the opportunity.

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He threw for 413 yards and three touchdowns in the 51-20 defeat of Tulsa. And he broke Sam Bradford's OU record for most passing yardage by a first-time starter.

Now, all Blake has to do is find a way to repeat that performance against a tough Notre Dame squad.

"One game does not make a really great quarterback but the beginning sure was special. Absolutely special," said his dad. "And Blake's aware of that. He knows one game doesn't do it either but you know it's a great way to start off and great momentum for Blake and it's a great confidence builder for Blake."

His bout with disappointment may just be the catalyst for Blake to keep the starting job the rest of the season. Regardless, his parents say they will be there every step of the way, and they will be proud of their son.

"It's not always our will, it's God's will, so whatever the reason was it may be humbling I don't know. There was a reason for it. We just are going forward," said his mom. "It's a dream story really for us. I mean we're on cloud nine about it. We're on cloud nine for Blake. We're so proud of Blake."

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