Worst holiday movies ever made

We all have our favorite holiday movie to watch this time of year, from Charlie Brown to White Christmas to Elf, each one is part of our year-end tradition to sit down and watch.

But not all holiday-related movies find a place into viewers' hearts.

Fandango sought out what holiday movies you wish had never been made.

The 10th worst holiday movie of all time was Christmas with the Kranks (2004). Parents Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis don't expect to celebrate Christmas with their daughter away, but when she decides to surprisingly return, they have to rush to get their holiday together.

Voters said Surviving Christmas (2004) was the ninth worst holiday movie. Starring Ben Affleck as a millionaire, Affleck travels back to the house he grew up in after being shunned by his friends and family for Christmas, and pays the family that now lives in the house to spend Christmas with him.

The eighth worst holiday movie as voted by Fandango customers was Deck the Halls (2006). Two neighbors have it out for which has the best decorations.

At seventh worst, the last of the Home Alone series, Home Alone 3 (1997). Without Macaulay Culkin and the lovable crooks from the past two films, many thought the series flopped.

At sixth worst, Ernest Saves Christmas (1988). As part of the Ernest movie series in the 1980s and 90s, Ernest helps Santa Claus choose a successor.

Coming in at fifth worst, Santa with Muscles (1996), starring Hulk Hogan. Hogan plays a bad boy father who gets amnesia and believes he is Santa Claus.

The fourth worst movie as rated by Fandango's customers was Jack Frost (1998), a story of a father who dies in a car accident and comes back as a snowman.

At third worst, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Jingle All the Way (1996). Arnold waits until the last minute to get the hottest toy of the year for his son, when he runs into a rival father who is attempting the same task.

Coming in at the second worst was Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984), which tells the tale of a Christmas gone wrong as a murderous Santa impersonator tries to kill those with holiday cheer. You can watch the trailer to that movie here (NOTE: Material may be graphic) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph2qpWw7nZI.

The ultimate holiday flop was voted in the poll to be Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964). It cost $20,000 to make on a cardboard set, and its plot revolves around Santa opening a toy shop on Mars, at which some Martians try and capture Santa, only to be met with resistance from Earth kids.


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