Woman flushes her own and deceased grandma's wedding rings down the toilet

PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio - A woman accidentally flushed her wedding rings and her deceased grandmother wedding rings down the toilet while cleaning.

On Wednesday morning, an Ohio woman was cleaning her family jewelry in the bathroom when she cleaned and placed the four cherished rings on tissue paper around the bathroom sink.

Several moments later without thinking, she grabbed the tissues and flushed them down the toilet, rings included.

The resident immediately realized what she had just done. She had just flushed approximately 60 years of priceless family jewelry down the commode.

After calling out several plumbers, the couple realized they needed to call the city.

The residents called police, who then directed them to the Department of Public Works.

Sewer maintenance crews arrived on scene Thursday with special equipment and set up a command center to retrieve the rings.

Crews utilized a remote camera that traveled through the sewer system and miraculously located two of the four rings.

Both engagement rings were found but the two wedding bands were unable to be located. The rings were located more than a block away in the sewer near a cemetery.

The two wedding bands remain missing, but the resident said it's a miracle everyone came together and were able to locate at least two of the family's priceless jewels.

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