VIRAL VIDEO: Officer rescues a dog nursing a week-old kitten in South Carolina

An unlikely duo has gone viral. 

Officer Michelle Smith, an Anderson South Carolina Control Officer, found a female dog nursing a week-old kitten along a creek last month.

Smith was dispatched to the creek after a caller said she had heard a dog barking since Saturday.

The duo was at the bottom of a steep ravine and taken to Anderson County P.A.W.S. for safety.

Dana Wachter, a reporter for FOX News Carolina, visited the pair and said they are inseparable.

Mobile users can see the video here (

Smith said the dog is taking care of her new baby, keeping her clean and feeding her.

The dog isn't pregnant, but director Jessica Cwynar of P.A.W.S. believes the dog is going through a pseudo-pregnancy, which would explain how she is producing milk.

This video was posted last month, and we're unsure if the owners came forward or if they were adopted, but we hope the two have a life full of happiness together.

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