California robbery suspects accidentally 'pocket dial' police, detail alleged crimes

FRESNO, Calif. - Some people call it pocket dialing. Others call it butt dialing.

Either way, an air of California men face criminal charges after they accidentally called 911.

The call started out like any other, but no one answered the 911 operator. So, instead of hanging up. The operator listened.

"I just want to smoke weed so bad right now."

Over the next 35 minutes, the talk went from how to find drugs to breaking into a car.

"They're norcos. Yeah! ... We'll go back and search in a little bit and search the whole thing, but we'll park far away, you know?"

As the pair was driving around, the dispatcher picked up clues on where they were and sent officers.

"He's right ****ing behind me, dude ... He's following the **** out of me, bro ... Wow. What did I do?"

Twenty-year-olds Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart may not have known why they were stopped, but they found out soon enough.

That's when police found items reportedly taken from the burglarized car. And the phone that led them to the suspects.

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