VIDEO: Worst social media rant ever? Amy's Baking Company goes to Facebook after Kitchen Nightmares

PHOENIX - By now you're probably aware of this epic meltdown  of a Scottsdale couple who own Amy's Baking Company.

If not, here's a brief primer: the couple and their troubled cafe were featured on the FOX television show  "Kitchen Nightmares"  last week. During the show, we see the owners hurling profanity at their customers, firing their employees for no apparent reason and messing up orders.

Superstar chef Gordon Ramsay, who is assigned to "fix" the cafe, decided he could not put out the fire and promptly walked off with his hands help up in disgust.

For the record, he's never done that before.

Naturally, the fun didn't stop on the reality TV drama fest, it continued in the social media realm with nasty comments seemingly posted by the owners and directed toward complaining customers.

The posts have since been deleted and replaced with a message claiming the account had been hacked. That's neither here nor there, but what should be mentioned is that first impressions are made very quickly online and if, say, a bakery were to post harsh comments about their customers, it probably won't turn out well.

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We discussed the scenario with social media consultant Kirti Dwivedi, who says the explosive rants may be the biggest branding disaster in all of social media.

"One of the biggest things is don't curse at your clients and don't call them names," said Dwiveldi. "It's really not going to work in your favor."

That may seem obvious, but common sense as we've come to learn, isn't so common. What should angry shop owners do in such crises?

"Acknowledge, be apologetic and make it better," suggested Dwiveldi. "If you lash out at somebody, it's going to come back to you," she added. "Anything you post on the Internet never goes away. I think a lot of people tend to forget about that."

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