The Voice: Shakira talks about her team, Medicine with Blake Shelton and foundation on red carpet

The Voice brings together some of the music world's top stars to serve as coaches for aspiring performers.

While the focus is on the singers who hope to win a recording contract, the show offers the opportunity to learn more about superstars like Shakira.

Known for her powerful voice and lithe dance moves, the Columbian singer is back for her second season.

"If you keep at it, I truly believe you will be unstoppable," Shakira told her team.

Working with new talent offers the Columbian singer a new role as coach. The contestants agree working with such talented coaches helps them polish their skills.

"She has really cool things to say to me," said Team Shakira country singer Kristen Merlin. "She tries to help me brighten up the shine that I've got going on instead of trying to like remold me or make me something that I'm not and it's really awesome." 

Shakira also spent time showing her team that being successful means giving back to those less fortunate.
"Education is a cause that is very close to my heart," she told them during a field trip to a school in a low-income area of Los Angeles.

Shakira's Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) Foundation helps children worldwide. Her organization provides education and food to more than 6,000 children in Colombia along with new projects in Haiti and South Africa.

On the red carpet following a recent live edition of The Voice, Shakira told me her music has taken on a bit of country style.

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She recently developed a new song with a team of writers in Nashville and immediately called her fellow coach, Blake Shelton.

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"And he told me, 'Sister, I want to be on it. It's great!' So, to me, that meant a lot," Shakira said.

In the song, "Medicine," Shakira and Shelton blend. During the recording, Shakira discovered something about Shelton.

"Blake is... and I hope he doesn't listen to me saying this because he's going to get big headed, but he's one of my favorite artists," she said quietly while looking around for Blake. "His voice just - out of this world - it just really transmits a lot."

After two seasons of The Voice, Shakira plans to focus again on her own music and her little boy, Milan. However, she will never forget her time on NBC's hit show.

"It's just... It means the world to me, really," she added.

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