The Voice coach Adam Levine unveils blonde hair, takes teasing from Blake Shelton

Was that really Adam?!

It was. The Voice coach dyed his hair blonde this weekend, but it sounded like he may be wishing he hadn't done the dye job.

In an interview with E! Online, Adam said he wanted to do something crazy, but now with all the talk about his 'do, he "might want to shave my head or something."

During a coaches' chat with the Today show host Hoda Kotb Monday, Blake Shelton gave Adam some good-natured ribbing, telling the Maroon 5 star that while he's known as the sexiest man in the U.S., he's also now "the sexiest woman in America."

But Blake can't talk. He's worn his hair in an "interesting" fashion too.

Photo Gallery: Looking back at the mullett Blake Shelton used to sport

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