Behind the scenes of The Voice Season 6: Coaches, contestants talk with 2NEWS anchor Karen Larsen

LOS ANGELES -- NBC's hit show "The Voice!" showcases new talent while giving viewers a more candid side of some of the music industry's biggest stars.

2NEWS anchor Karen Larsen recently traveled to Los Angeles to go behind the scenes of the show. She talked with pop star and coach Adam Levine and the contestants who dream of winning.

PHOTO GALLERY: Behind the scenes, on the red carpet of The Voice

At NBC Universal Studios, pounding music pours through the doors of "The Voice!" stage as contestants rehearse their songs for the evening performance. Each one spends a limited amount of time on stage to fine-tune their act.

Once their rehearsal time is up, each contestant immediately moves outside for interviews. Off to the side, invited guests watch from behind velvet ropes. They wait patiently for several hours before show time.

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"Onstage, all my nerves go away once the song begins," Team Usher contestant Bria Kelly said. "Once the music starts and I start singing -- it's an emotional time, and it's time to step up to the plate and not be nervous at all."

Delvin Choice, a Team Adam contestant from South Carolina, said, "I'm able to see that I am good. I do have this thing where I could potentially be a performer -- like a star!"

Delvin and the other contestants know every vote counts. So, he sent a message to Oklahoma.

"If you vote for me, hopefully I'll be able to win this thing and come to Oklahoma and give you the best show you've ever had in your life. That's all I can say - just vote! Let's just blow it up! Delvin Choice for the Voice - done up!" he added with a laugh. 

Every singer interviewed, the final 12 contestants at the time, told Karen their coaches are key to winning. Adam Levine's team won the Voice twice. At the same time, this program gives the pop star a new place to shine.

While music fans know him as the lead singer of Maroon 5, NBC's hit show offers him a new stage on which to shine. When the Oklahoma duo of Alaska and Madi auditioned earlier in the season, Adam shouted on stage, "Why did you have to be from there?!"

Levine constantly tangles with country music star Blake Shelton of Tishomingo, Okla. The two made an odd couple of country and pop.

During interviews on the red carpet following Monday's show, Blake teased Adam by saying, "The age difference is just not a big deal. We're still immature. We have fun together. You're what? 41?"
Adam insisted, "I'm 35!"

The red carpet scene is a madhouse. It is filled with coaches, contestants and their publicists while reporters reach out for their attention. It is an opportunity to gather personal accounts of what went well and what went wrong during the show. Team Adam's Kat Perkins admitted she was extremely anxious during the live performance Monday.

"I definitely want to figure out a way to channel the nerves a little bit better because I was really nervous and it was hard to turn that into the energy that you could use," Perkins said. "So, hopefully I will figure that out."
One final note on Adam Levine, fans will soon be able to see him play a lead role in a major motion picture. He will star in "Can a Song Save Your Life?" with Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. The film opens in theaters on July 4.

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