It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, it's Blender Girl!

And She's a Smoothie Sommelier

Dig out your blender and get ready for a treat.

Tess Masters a.k.a., 'The Blender Girl' is here and not only is she sharing her list of ways to make an outstanding smoothie, she also gives us a top recipe that has The List's Donna Ruko in taste bud heaven! 

Blend up a storm with Twisted Mango Madness:

- Almond Milk

- Frozen Mango

- Spinach

- Coconut Cream

- Dates

- Banana

- Cashews

- Cardamom Powder

- Agave

- Sea Salt

Special thanks to Williams Sonoma. For more tantalizing recipes check out The Blender Girl.

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