Team Christina contestants for The Voice

These are the contestants who were selected by Christina Aguilera.

We've listed their hometown - which is what the contestant gave to NBC - and the episode in which they were chosen.

Once a contestant is eliminated we'll add that information.

Chris Mann
Wichita, Kansas
Episode 1


Jesse Campbell
Chicago, Illinois
Episode 1


Lindsey Pavao
Manteca, California
Episode 2
Hailey Steele and Leland Grant - THE LiNE
Wentworth, South Dakota
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Episode 2
Moses Stone
Maryland City, Maryland
Episode 3
Geoff McBride
Southmont, North Carolina
Episode 3
Monique Benabou
Alameda, California
Episode 4
Anthony Evans
Dallas, Texas
Episode 4
Austin, Texas
Episode 4
Ashley De La Rosa
Washington Heights, New York
Episode 4
Lee Koch
Temecula, California
Episode 5
Sera Hill
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Episode 5
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