Team Adam contestants for The Voice

These are the contestants who were selected by Adam Levine.

We've listed their hometown - which is what the contestant gave to NBC - and the episode in which they were chosen.

Once a contestant is eliminated we'll add that information.

Tony Lucca
Waterford, MI
Episode 1


Angel Taylor
Los Angeles, CA
Episode 2


Kim Yarbrough
Memphis, TN
Episode 2
Chris Cauley
Alpharetta, GA
Episode 3
Katrina Parker
Holly Ridge, NC
Episode 3
Marietta, GA
Episode 3
Nathan Parrett
Tabor City, NC

Episode 3
Sharon Mathai
Dallas, Texas
Episode 4
Karla Davis
Monroe, NC
Episode 4
Nicolle Galyon
Sterling, Kansas
Episode 4
Orlando Napier
Santa Barbara, California
Episode 5
Whitney Myer
Reno, Nevada
Episode 5
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