VIDEO: Chipmunk gets stuck inside window well of Minnesota house as woman screams for son to help

A chipmunk caused quite a commotion in Minnesota after getting stuck inside a home.

The mother inside the house is no fan of chipmunks as you can clearly tell when she yells, "“Tyler. It almost got me. Tyler," to her son, who is watching.

The son on the other hand is more concerned about the poor creature being stuck in the window well. 

Tyler starts his plan by trying to insure the creature will be handled with care. At one point, the chipmunk crawls out from under a stool, climbs on a screen and hides behind the open window.

After it jumps back under the stool, Tyler grabs a plastic bag and climbs into the window well.

Tyler finally grabs the creature and struggles to hold it for a while before letting it go free, unharmed.

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