VIDEO: Two bridesmaids decide to make a sport out of the bouquet toss

Two bridesmaids have taken the traditional bouquet toss to a whole other level.

College friends and bridesmaids, Elizabeth and Stacy, decided to make the event a sport.

They even make shirts and change out of their bridesmaids dresses every time the single ladies are called to the front to gather and fight over the bouquet.

As the bride tosses the flowers, the two friends become enemies, scratching and pawing at each other to get their hands on the petal prize.

They both end up on the floor trying to wrestle the flowers out the other's hands as the bouquet becomes demolished.

Both of their shirts have the number of times they grabbed a bouquet on the back. Elizabeth has caught eight bouquets and Stacy has caught seven.

In the end, neither of the ladies end up with bouquet because it becomes destroyed in the process, but they always have fun.

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