VIDEO: Mega truck drivers at West Georgia Mud Park practice backflips

At first glance this video might seem like just a man, in a truck, but a closer look reveals that an amazing feat is about to be accomplished.

Jimmy Durr is about to become the second person to successfully complete a back flip in a mega truck at the West Georgia Mud Park.

After Jimmy accomplished this trick, he easily gets out of the truck, uninjured, and waves to the crowd.

Al Abercrombie also has his sights set on accomplishing the trick. Driving his truck, "Adrenaline Rush," he takes off toward the vertical wall.

Abercrombie definitely gets a rush from the experience, but it is not the one he expected.

The truck driver falls backward as his truck goes straight in the air, then crashes into the ground causing the front axle to rip completely off.

Thankfully, the driver is unharmed though his truck "Adrenaline Rush" has seen better days.

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