Right This Minute Video: Whale interrupts surfing lesson

A high school student has one whale of a tale to tell back at school.

Chris Rockwood, 16, is a surfing instructor at Long Sands Beach in Maine.

This video shows a class that was interrupted by a late guest. A large 18 to 22 foot whale circles the group.

It stays for roughly 90 minutes, even brushing up against some of the students.

The whale is extremely playful but is also in extremely shallow water, as Rockwood is able to stand and capture the video on his GoPro.

"It was super eye-opening that you can see something in nature that you would never get to see just by going to the beach. It was really an eye-opening experience and it gives me chills just to think about," said Rockwood.

Rockwood says this is the first time he has ever seen a whale that close to shore.

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