Right This Minute Video: Ten-year-old boy's self-taught guitar skills go viral

One little boy decided to focus on his strengths and not dwell on his weaknesses, which resulted in his talents to go viral.

Ten-year-old Felix was born three months premature with his retinas detached and has been blind since birth.

That did not stop him from enjoying the music he loves to play. Felix got his first guitar at 6-years-old. He is a self-taught guitar player and singer.

Here is a video of Felix busting out BB King’s “Every Day I Have the Blues” at the Quebec Foundation for the Blind’s summer camp.

The video has gone viral and Felix’s stepdad, Charles Bertrand, is amazed by all the attention from the video.

“It was unexpected,” he said. “Felix is very humble by nature. He was surprised but he rolls with it.”

Bertrand says they have been contacted about signing a music deal but for now, Felix is going to keep playing for fun.

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