Right This Minute Video: Deer stuck in river is rescued by Simon Cowell of Wildlife Aid Foundation

SURREY, England - Volunteers used a boat to rescue a deer that had gotten stuck in waste deep water.

Simon Cowell, with the Wildlife Aid Foundation, jumped into a boat to find the deer on the River Thames in the United Kingdom.

He spotted the animal hiding under some trees in the water.

Simon grabbed its antlers and pulled it to safety inside the boat. They sailed to an open grassy area to set the deer free but the water was too shallow for the boat to get close to shore.

With no other option, Simon got into the water and pulled the deer to shore, releasing it back into the wild.

“You just do things and rescue things from places that seem impossible sometimes. But to get an animal back and put it out there and give it a second chance, I tell you it is truly a magical moment,” said Cowell.

Cowell started the Wildlife Aid Foundation 34 years ago to rescue animals. It has grown to over 300 volunteers.

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