BLOG - Channel 2 anchor Justin Wilfon and photographer Dennis Meister on covering The Voice finale

NBC's hit show The Voice will crown its second season winner in Los Angeles Tuesday night, and Channel 2 will be there.

Anchor Justin Wilfon and Photojournalist Dennis Meister made the trip to the West Coast and will blog every day about their experience in L.A.


7:00 a.m.-- Well that's a wrap from Hollywood!  Just did my last live shot from in front of the hotel.  Thank you so much to the Universal Sheraton for being so kind to us.  In just the past hour or so, we've seen Juliet Simms, Chris Mann and Tony Lucca leaving the hotel.  They've been partying all night!  Dennis and I will be flying back to Tulsa this afternoon and I'll see you back in the studio tomorrow morning on 2NEWS Today!  So long from Hollywood!



11:00 p.m. -- I just interviewed Oklahoma's own Blake Shelton on the red carpet!  Unfortunately we had some technical problems with the satellite feed on 2NEWS at 10 but no worries, we have the interview on tape.  Look for it in the morning on 2NEWS Today!  Blake told me he's flying back home to Oklahoma tonight!  The one person who was not on the red carpet tonight, Christina.  Apparently she's wasn't too happy about having the losing contestant tonight.  Congrats to Jermaine on winning!  A great guy.  See you in the morning on 2NEWS Today!

7 p.m. -- After my 6 p.m. live shot, had a chance to walk around the Warner Brothers lot for a little bit. Saw the studios where Friends, E.R., The Hangover, and Oceans 11 were filmed just to name a few.  Pretty amazing place. I also got just a small peak into The Voice studio from outside the door. Saw the lights on the stage. It's shot in the largest studio on the WB lot. I'll see you on 2NEWS at 10 after the Voice. You'll hear from former Tulsan and Voice contestant Jamar Rogers who I just interviewed on the red carpet!

2:24 p.m. -- NBC just called me and said I need to be at The Voice studio an hour earlier than first thought.  So Dennis and I are rushing to finish our story about Tulsan Adley Stump.  We interviewed her an hour ago.  Very nice girl.  She's picking Juliet Simms to win tonight.  Now it's off to the Warner Brothers studios where I should be interviewing former Tulsan Jamar Rogers who was voted off the show just last week.  Can't wait to finally meet him.

1 p.m. -- Tom Petty once sang 'I want to glide down over Mulholland' and that's exactly where Dennis and I are now!  We're taking a few minutes to enjoy the view before we interview former Tulsan Adley Stump, who was a contestant on this season of The Voice.  In fact we just pulled up to her house!  Look for my interview with Adley tonight on 2NEWS at 6!

7 a.m. -- Just got back to my hotel room after doing live shots for 2NEWS Today.  Think they both went pretty well.  We showed my interview with Jermaine Paul.  I would say he or Juliet Simms will be the winner tonight.  I would think Chris Mann is the dark horse.  We have a big day ahead here in Hollywood.  We'll be interviewing Tulsan and former Voice contestant Adley Stump this morning at a house in the Hollywood hills. Then later today I should be talking with former Tulsan and Voice contestant Jamar Rogers and Oklahoma's own Blake Shelton.  Should be fun!



11:30 p.m. -- Finally back at the hotel after an incredible day covering The Voice!  Of course it didn't come out without some frustration, but that's typical with these kinds of things.  I just interviewed Voice finalists Jermaine Paul and Juliet Simms over the at the Voice studio and was really impressed with both of them.  They were both very nice and engaging.  My interview with Juliet aired tonight at 10 and my interview with Jermaine will air in the morning on 2NEWS Today.  As exciting as today was, tomorrow should be even better!  We'll be interviewing Tulsan and former Voice contestant Adley Stump (who I just ran into in the hotel lobby), and we should also be interviewing former Tulsan, Jamar Rogers, and Oklahoma's own, Blake Shelton.  Going to be another busy day.  Better get some sleep!


6:50 p.m. -- Just did a live shot for the 6pm show and now I'm in the studio next door to The Voice studio with the rest of the reporters from around the country.  We'll be watching the Voice together and of course enjoying a little food in the meantime.  Right after the show, we expect that all four finalists will be coming out on the red carpet to do interviews.  Of course I'll be tweeting throughout the show... @JustinWilfon


10 a.m. -- Well just ate breakfast at the hotel and we happened to be sitting right next to Voice finalist Jermaine Paul's mom.  She seemed very proud of her son.  Now we're out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame shooting a Web extra for . Just

visited the Garth Brooks star! 

In a few hours I'll be heading to The Voice studio!



5:30 a.m. -- Well it's still very early in the morning in Hollywood and just got done with my first two live shots from here on 2NEWS Today.  Think they both went pretty well.  We picked that location because of the nice fountains behind us.  One problem -- the fountains were off when we got out there this morning!  Luckily, the hotel scrambled to turn them back on just before our live shot.  Now, I'm back in the room and going back to bed for a couple of hours before an exciting day covering The Voice.  Good night. :)



7 p.m. -- We've made it to Hollywood!  And we've already seen a few stars!  Sitcom star Krysten Ritter ( Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23), actor Powers Booth from The Avengers and 24 and actress Nicole Sullivan from the King of Queens, were all on our flight from Vegas to L.A.  Amazing what a small world it is.  Didn't get the chance to talk with any of them but we did see Ritter tracked down by what appeared to be TMZ the second she walked out of the airport.  Now we've checked into the hotel and are getting ready to go shoot promos for and 2NEWS at 10!



Noon -- It's show time!  Dennis and I are at the Tulsa airport and getting ready to leave for Los Angeles to the cover the season finale of The Voice!  In fact, our plane just rolled up at the gate.  A sweet T.S.A worker at the security gate just became roughly the 100th woman to tell me to say hi to Blake Shelton for her.  I'll see what I can do.  We have a brief layover in Las Vegas today.  As for whether I'll play the slots in the Vegas airport?  No comment.  Talk to you from Los Angeles!


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