NBC comedian Amy Poehler discusses emotions of Boston Marathon bombings on YouTube segment 'Ask Amy'

In a regular YouTube segment from NBC comedian and actress Amy Poehler entitled "Ask Amy," the Boston-area native answered a fan's question with a heavy heart Thursday.

The Boston Marathon bombings were clearly on the mind of Poehler, who released the video only hours after the FBI released the images of two suspects in the investigation.

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The viewer, a 16-year-old named Millie, asked the former Saturday Night Liver: "Dear Amy, a lot of my friends watch videos on the Internet that are very popular and get millions of views. I feel like I'm left out if I don't take part, but they all seem pointless and attention-getting. What can I do to spread better messages?"

But the weight of the week's events clearly affected Poehler, who seemed to respond to Millie's question with an introspective candor and contemplative perspective.

MOBILE USERS: See the video -- (http://bit.ly/11MHRGh)

"Well Millie, I've been thinking a lot about this, or the wider, bigger question of 'What should we be looking at and watching these days?'" she said. 

Poehler circled around the idea of recent graphic images shown, specifically in Boston. The "Parks and Recreation" star eventually suggested that it's OK to "give your eyes a break" every now and then, and, if possible, to retrain your eyes and mind to see things in a different, more positive way.

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Poehler, sitting on the floor underneath a window sill, concluded the video frankly.

"Anyway, I don't know if this makes any sense, but this has been a weird week, hasn't it?" she said. "So thanks Millie, and I love you Boston."

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